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Could you design a product starting from schematics and mechanical specifications? Of course, even more, if you are not able to define the components list (AVL) we can help you to define it and its technology (THT, SMT or mixed), we could propose the components technology to be used, this is part of our job, on top of that we can finish the design by suggesting to you the improvements discovered during the Manufacturability Analysis (Including mechanical, connecting and cabling solutions). We can produce the prototypes for you, to design and to built the moulds your product requires, to design the test strategy, to develop, to built and to debug the automatic test benches (Both for structural and functional test) and to teach your technicians and engineers to manage and maintain those equipment.
Could you prepare the test benches or only develop the SW? We can do and we usually do both things. Starting from your test specification (If you don't have it we help you to define it with you), we define and built the specific HW (For structural or Functional Test), we get the required commercial instruments and develop the appropriate SW for the automatic test of your product.
Can you take the control and coordination to manufacture our product in China? It's true we get agreements with the main world wide EMS to offer this option to our spanish customers, but not only in China, we can do it in Romania, Hungary, Mexico, Thailand or Indonesia,..., depending on the case we would propose the best option.
Could you take care of the whole repair process includin the logistic aspects? Yes, and also we can offer to you the picking up and delivery process, warranty control, invoicing and all of these services could be monitored on line in real time by you. That is possible because the web tool developped by our people which shows to you the status of any product (By serial number control) You can check if the product is picked up, pending of repairing, in troubleshooting phase, pending to deliver,...
How would you manage my purchasing activities? What we do is to assign a purchasing manager to your project and stablish a plan to support you by preparing the purchasing data base, locking for alternatives, dealing better T&C, managing the demand and performing the call off activities.

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